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I'm an ABC and this is where I vent and share my life stories. A little bit about myself is that I am an aspiring murse (male nurse), I play guitar, I love God, and although people see me as a goody 2 shoes I am above all...Human. So don't judge if I get angry or frustrated sometimes because Christians aren't perfect, only forgiven :) So I hope you guys enjoy my thoughts on life. K BYE. Oh yeah I also own the blog and I play ping pong.


15 May 11

Why Worry About Things?

I’m not the type to worry, especially when it comes to material things, but when it comes to relationships, I freak-the-crap-out. I just don’t mean with girls or what not, I mean with anyone. I also don’t mean I would randomly start to think about things too much when there should be no reason for me to. I mean when something actually does happen that would effect a relationship I have with a person, I start running all these hypothetical situations in my head. The "what if’s"Those are the worst! I realize I freak out because these things are out of my control. This life of mine is too short, and even Jesus says “Who will add a day in his life by worrying?”. Once again it’s the constant battle between flesh and faith.

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