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I'm an ABC and this is where I vent and share my life stories. A little bit about myself is that I am an aspiring murse (male nurse), I play guitar, I love God, and although people see me as a goody 2 shoes I am above all...Human. So don't judge if I get angry or frustrated sometimes because Christians aren't perfect, only forgiven :) So I hope you guys enjoy my thoughts on life. K BYE. Oh yeah I also own the blog and I play ping pong.


17 April 11

I Got Into Nursing School.

     I feel like this is a sweet beginning to the end. Stony Brook has less than a 10% acceptance rate to their nursing school and now that I’m in I need to focus on what matters. My number one goal and probably my number one struggle for next semester is discipline. I love being a free-spirit, doing what I want when I want, but nursing school is no joke. I can no longer study when I want to and sleep and wake whenever I want. I know discipline is a huge thing when it comes to the Christian walk and it’s something I’ve been lacking. Anyway, this post isn’t about discipline and I kind of just got side-tracked. The point of this post is to tell you about what happened when I found out I got into nursing school.

     To be totally honest, I feel like I had a good chance of getting in, but at the same time those feelings were paralleled with feelings of doubt. I think the hardest part about it was the wait, the anticipation. From the moment I submitted my application, it was all faith from there. I don’t like to use the term “let go let God”, because people usually use it as an excuse to not do anything and hope that God would do the work, but at that point it was literally out of my hands. I always told myself that when I found out that I got into nursing school I would be doing jumping jacks and cartwheels while screaming at the top of my lungs. That did not happen. I was at Stony at the time and I was sleeping in my old room. It was 11 AM and I was dreading signing up for classes. Why? Well let me list the reasons for you.

  • I had to plan everything out to make sure I got all the proper courses that I needed so I would graduate in a year.
  • I would have to overload my schedule with psychology classes for next semester.
  • I would probably not get into a lot of those classes due to budget cuts.

So everything I listed above was before I found out I got into nursing school. My plan b was the finish up my psych degree and apply for the one year program. Well…God was good and I got into the two year program. As I logged on to Solar (The website that Stony Brook students use to pay for rooming/classes/food, apply for rooming, classes, and all that jazz). Well, under the category “My student applications” there was a tab that I’ve never seen before. It said “My decision” or something like that. I knew what it was and I was scared out of my mind because the results of a year and a half of work was just a click away. I said a short prayer and it pretty much went like this:

God…Whatever happens I know it’s part of your plan… BUT PLEASE LET ME IN THIS NURSING SCHOOL !!!

And with that, I clicked the link and all I saw was “Congratulations! You’ve been accepted to…” and I was like O_O, and then I scrolled tot he bottom and there were two links:” I accept, I decline”, I clicked accept and I said a prayer to God thanking Him. I didn’t shout for joy, I didn’t scream, I didn’t do cartwheels…I simply thanked Him. Then I called my dad, and being the Asian parent he is who doesn’t like to show emotion he just said “That is good…Go tell your mom”. And my mom being the Asian parent she is, she said “Good”, or something along those lines. I know deep inside they were really happy and really relieved. They’ve been bothering me since day one about when I’d find out. Well with that said, let me say that God is good and that anything is possible. I simply ask you guys pray for me as I embark on this journey called Nursing School. I do not expect it to be a simple task and it’d probably be foolish to even think so, but I ask that God meets me in this place and that I discipline myself in my time management.

By the way this thing is really long, so I’m not even going to bother to proofread it. K BYE!

3 March 11

I’m Awake.

I shouldn’t have gotten a large Slurpee at 3 AM…I’M STILL AWAKE AND I CAN’T SLEEEPEEPEPEPEPEPPSADFSDF.

15 February 11

Why I Haven’t Had Time To Do Things.

So I have a big list of things I need to do but couldn’t get done because I was just so dang busy. So the things I needed to do for the past week was.

  • Start Working
  • Apply for Binghamton’s Nursing School
  • Train in Table Tennis (since I have a tournament coming up)
  • Start Studying for Microbiology
  • Write a Song for WTFoodge
  • Help Edit a Video for my staff worker in IV so she can gather up money

Now here are the reasons why I couldn’t get most of that done:

  • I visited Stony Brook to buy the book needed for class and catch up with some people for about two and a half days
  • I had to eat with my dad’s side of the family on Saturday morning and my mom’s side on Saturday night
  • I had church on Sunday
  • On Sunday I actually went to the toy fair and it was pretty sick (I’ll write more about it later if I have the time)
  • I had to pick up my bro from the hospital because he had surgery to remove a lymph node on his leg…Even though upon picking him up he was walking fine and dandy like nothing ever happened

This is what I plan on getting done today

  • Get a few calls in for my job and hopefully get some customers
  • Ask Bing what supplementals they need from me
  • Study some microbio
10 February 11

I’m At Stony Brook for 3 Days!

Wow, it feels like it has been an eternity since the last time I was here. Upon stepping out of the LIRR as it pulled into Stony Brook station, I felt this bittersweet feeling inside of me. Bitter because I know full well that I’m not a full-time student here at Stony, sweet because I get to spend the next 3 days here with my family. I met up with a bunch of brothers from IV to eat dinner at Denny’s and it was a great time of catching up. Something I miss so dearly about college is eating late at night. There is something very liberating about eating late at night: no parents to tell you what to do, just having a good time. This feeling makes me want to stay here but I know in a day I’ll be back home, boring home… (sigh)

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