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I'm an ABC and this is where I vent and share my life stories. A little bit about myself is that I am an aspiring murse (male nurse), I play guitar, I love God, and although people see me as a goody 2 shoes I am above all...Human. So don't judge if I get angry or frustrated sometimes because Christians aren't perfect, only forgiven :) So I hope you guys enjoy my thoughts on life. K BYE. Oh yeah I also own the blog and I play ping pong.


12 February 11

Christian Dating?

So some dude named Kevin Ong came to speak at IV about Christian dating on Thursday. God has convicted me over the years to only look for Christians when dating. I have learned some serious lessons back in the day in attempt to date non-Christians. I pray and hope that my wife (when and if I get married) loves God more than I do so we can encourage each other to grow in Christ and not just have Him to the side in daily living and only worship him when I go to church or fellowship but really worship Him in my marriage in ALL that I do. When I slip she can encourage me and point me towards God. There is something REALLY attractive about a girl who is in love with God. Of course there are other standards I have, but at first place is that I want my wife to be truly in love with God. This has been in my heart for a long time and just as Kevin Ong has said and challenged us to do; I’ll be praying for my wife.

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